About the blog

To be honest, this is not the first time I’m starting a blog. I usually leave them after a couple of months. But I’m pretty sure this will be the definitive one! 🙂

I’m planning on writing at least one post per week. Most of them will be about science, but there will be more stuff apart from that! Like book and movie reviews or art analysis.


In order to be practical when going through the blog you might want to take a look at the categories (you can find them on the sidebar):

  • The color palette of the universe, where you will find posts about astrophotography. Mostly, my shots.
  • About art, where you will find posts about art, mostly relationating it with science.
  • Expanding our horizons, where you will find posts about the latest (and no that latest) researches in science and astrophysics.
  • The recontiliation between sci-fi and science, science on science fiction.


They will also help you find posts, this time in a more concrete way, you can also find them on the sidebar 🙂



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