About me

Hi! This is Mara 🙋

10492173_607843932647579_7111834002176817261_n <- Yup, this is what I look like 😉

I’m a 20 year old girl that has always been interested in the world we live in and how it works, and this led me to study Physics. I’m currently doing so in the Complutense University of Madrid, aiming to go further into Astrophysics and more specifically, into Planetary Physics.
Not stopping there, I enjoy science in general, specially geology and ornithology, my knowledge on those fields is really reduced by now, but wait a couple of years!

Apart from that, I really really (srsly, really) like art. I would describe myself like a “follower of art in all its manifestations”. Actually, I always try to think of science like some kind of art… Also bringing both together is what one of my favourite hobbies is about: astrophotography, representing the palette of colours of the universe. And I’m also starting to do some astro-sketching, so wait for it! I’m super excited about this last thingy 😀 Let’s see how it turns out…

Most of my days walk hand in hand with a jazz soundtrack. That music makes feet move by them-selves! (Yup!  I enjoy dancing💃 Specially lindy hop 👬)

I think this is pretty much it… If you want to know anything else, just ask! 😊



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